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Are you considering developing an innovative corporate culture for the digital age, based on people empowerment and development? 

Welcome to Elfsights GmbH - agile Organisational Development. Our tailored solutions help you tap capabilities for a new leadership and working culture in your company. If you want to transform your organization by placing a strong focus on Change Management, Human Resources, Employer Brand and Retention, Health Promotion, Team Development & Self-Management, Optimisation and Leadership, that is exactly what we do. 

Innovative Leadership and Employer Branding

The Brick Session Tool

You are looking for an alternative to classic means of HR? You want to strengthen your Employee Retention and the Employer Brand of your company?

The Brick Session works with haptic elements that can be adopted for performance-related targets such as Employer Branding, Human Resources Development, Health Promotion and Employee Retention. Combined with the digital tool Brick-Analytics, you can find out in real time, what your employees need and which factors motivate them to commit themselves in your company. Furthermore, the tools help to discover new paths and perspectives for creating a culture of innovation or agility in your company and to enable self-management.

SeeYou-Days in Luxembourg

You would like to enter a new era of work together in your company? You are searching for appropriate styles of leadership in a more and more digitalized environment? Let us invite you to the SeeYou-Event.

  • Receive detailed information about the Brick Session and its systemic background for HR-Analysis.
  • Get a first hand experience with the bricks: Find out, how the tool leads through a process of effective and efficient self-reflection for your leadership, culture, health and values for your employer brand.
  • Exchange ideas with other CEOs and HR-Experts in your region and become part of our SeeYou-Network.  

Check details for application here oder contact us - we are happy to be here for you and advise you.


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