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Digital Transformation, agility, customer benefit - welcome to Work 4.0

Break a new ground with enthusiasm

Welcome to Elfsights GmbH - agile Organisational Development. Our tailored solutions help you tap capabilities for a new leadership and working culture in your company. If you want to transform your organisation by placing a strong focus on

  • Agility,
  • Change management,
  • Human resources,
  • Employer brand and retention,
  • Corporate health,
  • Team development,
  • Self-management,
  • Optimisation or
  • Leadership, that is exactly what we do. 

The Brick Session Tool

You are looking for innovative but sound means of HR? You are aiming for developing further the cultural fit within your company in order to enhance employee retention and your employer brand?

The Brick Session consists of haptic elements that can be adopted for various performance-related targets such as

  • Digital Transformation projects such as SAP 
  • Refocus the customer benefit in product development
  • Agile transformation, i.e. agile teams, agile mindset and maturity level of agility
  • Human resources development, employer branding and employee retention
  • Corporate health, risk analysis and evaluation

With a profound approach for analysis vie Brick Map and our digital platform Brick-Analytics, results get visible in real time and transferred into concrete fields of action:

  • for individual coaching,
  • for strategic and operative teams and
  • for complete business divisions.

The Brick Session Toolbox is recently available in English, French and German. 

We would be pleased to answer your questions. Please get in touch with us. We speak English, German and Luxembourgish. 

SeeYou-Events in Luxembourg

Welcome to SeeYou and get to know more about Elfsights and the Brick Session!  

  • Receive detailed information about the Brick Session and its systemic backgrounds in a Design Thinking framework.
  • Experience firsthand, how the Brick Session works.
  • Exchange ideas with CEOs and HR-Experts in your region.
  • Become part of the SeeYou-Network.  

Check details for application here or get in touch with us - we will be glad to provide you with more information.

User Experience

We asked our clients for feedback, how they perceive our work and the workings process with the Brick Session:


Isabella Colamonaco, Director of Care

CIPA Grengewald | Sodexo Luxembourg SA

"The individual Brick Sessions and the Team-Workshop confirmed that the team spirit is an important resource of ours, on which we can build further. The leaders identify with their role, the team & the management, and the team members share quite similar views. The results, reflexions and exchange gave us courage to unleash this power from within to the whole company and put concrete steps into practice.

We highly recommend this approach to other management teams, who want to enhance their team spirit while paying attention on individual themes of the team members as well. The participants were positively surprised by the very creative, relaxed and enjoyable interactive experience!"

Corporate Sustainability

The Brick Session Toolbox is produced from natural material. Check certification here.


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